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4 reasons runners face traffic-related dangers

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2021 | Auto-pedestrian Accidents

All pedestrians face some level of risk from the cars around them. If a driver makes a mistake, a pedestrian can be severely injured, even if the accident happens at a very low speed. They just have no protection.

That said, there are a few reasons why runners and joggers may face even greater risks. If you like to run for fitness or fun, let’s consider the reasons you may be in greater danger so that you can avoid getting injured in an accident.

Drivers often only look for other cars

Drivers simply do not look for runners in a lot of cases. They may check for oncoming traffic before turning left, for instance, but not check to see if a runner is about to jog into the crosswalk. Drivers often act as if the runner just showed up unexpectedly, when the reality is that the driver never looked for them at all.

Runners are faster than drivers expect

Related to the above is the fact that runners are moving quickly. If a driver glances at the sidewalk, it can appear that he or she has plenty of time to turn, when the truth is that the runner is about to enter that crosswalk. Drivers should never assume that anyone on a sidewalk is walking.

Runners may have greater exposure

Those who run consistently may cover hundreds of miles per year, spending hours and hours on the sidewalks and the shoulders of the road. This level of exposure increases the inherent dangers they face just because they’re around traffic so much.

Work schedules can cause a problem

If you work a typical schedule and still want to run every day, you may have to run at dawn, at dusk or even while it’s still dark out. You can’t run in the middle of the afternoon, when it’s safest. You have to run when there is low visibility and rush-hour traffic, and that’s risky.

What if you get injured?

Knowing the risks you face does not always prevent accidents. Drivers are still going to make these crucial errors. If you suffer serious injuries as a result, you need to know all of your options to seek proper compensation.