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The bright, hot summer is a hazard for motorcyclists

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2021 | Motorcycle Accidents

The summer is here, and it is hot. Heat can pose a threat to motorcyclists, and it’s something you do have to take into consideration if you’re going to be out on the roads. Why? If it’s hot, you could get dehydrated or deal with heat stroke. On top of that, the blazing sun can cause sunburns and blind drivers (though usually temporarily).

Since you want to be safe and also ride in the heat, one good option is to opt for ventilated riding gear. You’ll have protection against road rash if you crash with the right gear, and it will also prevent sunburns while allowing for enough ventilation to reduce the risk of overheating.

Don’t forget about sweat’s effects

Sweat can be good for cooling you down, but it’s also risky to ride with sweaty hands. If your hands slip while you drive, you could end up crashing or suffering other injuries. That’s not to mention how hot the motorcycle could get.

Wearing gloves might seem a bit much for the summer, but they are helpful in preventing lacerations, burns and broken bones.

Helmets for protection and comfort in hot weather

Hot weather may make some helmets feel stifling, which is why finding ventilated options is key. Newer designs, many of which are lightweight, offer great protection while also letting heat escape easily.

Don’t forget to bring water with you

Since you’re more exposed on a motorcycle, the key to preventing dehydration is stopping regularly to drink water. Keep it with you in a backpack or other storage area of your motorcycle, so that you can grab it when you need it.

The heat and sun can result in motorcycle crashes

Unfortunately, heat and sun can lead to motorcycle crashes caused by motorcyclists or other drivers. Remember to do your best to stay hydrated, and pull over if you start to feel unwell or overheated. If another driver hits you because of light reflecting off another object or because they were unwell themselves, then you should seek medical attention. Be prepared for the summer when you ride, but also understand your legal options if you’re involved in a collision.