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Two surprising ways you can reduce your accident risks

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2021 | Auto Accidents

There is nothing you can do to guarantee you won’t get involved in an accident. After all, you’re only 50% of the equation. Other drivers make mistakes. You can be as safe as possible on every trip, follow every single traffic law and even strive to become a better defensive driver, and someone else may still hit you. When a distracted driver rear-ends you at a light or drifts over the centerline at the last second, there’s not always a lot you can do.

That said, you do want to reduce your accident odds on every trip. Here are two simple and yet surprising ways that you can do it.

Drive with your headlights on — all the time

You don’t just need your headlights at night. Studies have shown that you’re less likely to get into an accident at night or during the day if you have your lights on. They simply work wonders at making your car stand out a bit more. This can help you avoid issues like having other drivers pull out in front of you or turn when there’s not enough space. It takes one second to flip your lights on, so it’s definitely worth it.

Buy the right color for your next car

Seeing as how visibility is so important, you also want to buy the right color of car. Black, gray and blue may be very popular style choices, but they all blend into the road — especially at night. If you choose red, orange or bright lime green, your car is going to stand out. There is a reason that construction workers on the road all wear the same bright green vests. They want to draw as much attention as possible from passing motorists. You should want the same thing when you drive.

What if an accident still happens?

These simple tricks only do so much and there is always a chance that you can get hit. If you do, just make sure you know how to seek proper financial compensation. This can help with medical bills, lost wages and various other costs.