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Use extreme caution when driving during rush hour

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2019 | Auto Accidents

Rush hour traffic can be a nightmare, not only because of the time it takes to get through a short distance but also because it is so dangerous. You might think that highways are more unsafe at full speed, but there are marked dangers that occur during rush hour.

One thing that makes rush hour traffic problematic is that the vehicles are so close. The slow movement might cause drivers to start driving in an unsafe manner. Some people might become aggressive when they are in this stressful situation. These tips can help you to remain as safe as possible when you are driving in a traffic jam or crowded roadway.

Take your time

Trying to rush through a traffic jam isn’t going to do you any good. Taking your time encourages safety by allowing you to focus on what is going on around your vehicle instead of only focusing on figuring out where you can get through it the fastest.

Pay close attention

People often slam on the brakes when they are in a traffic jam. This might be because they suddenly see a hazard, such as a stopped car in front of them. One person slamming on the brakes starts a chain reaction that can lead to a dangerous situation because the vehicles behind them will have to do the same thing.

Choose a lane

You should try to stay in one lane throughout rush hour. When you switch lanes, you can cause a hazardous situation. Some people are tempted to dart back and forth because they see another lane moving faster. During rush hour, the lanes will stop and go, but the amount of time you’d save by always going in the fastest lane isn’t enough to negate the hazard of darting around.

Remain calm

It is easy to get stressed when there is a lot of traffic on the road. Instead of letting it get to you, find ways to relax. Listen to music, an audiobook or a podcast that you enjoy. Practice deep breathing while you drive. Be sure that you always watch what’s going on. You can’t allow yourself to get lost in what you’re listening to.

There is a risk that you will be involved in a crash during rush hour. If this happens, treat it like any other wreck. Contact the police and the emergency medical technicians to have them come out to the scene. You need to get medical care if you are injured, and you might opt to pursue a claim for compensation in Colorado.