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Will awareness month prevent motorcycle accidents?

On Behalf of | May 24, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents

After four or five months in storage, motorcycles in Colorado are being pulled out by bikers who want to enjoy traveling as the weather warms up. Vehicle operators have to get used to sharing the roads with bikes again, and those who are not vigilant could cause auto vs. motorcycle accidents. To remind road users of their duties to care, May has been designated as annual Motorcycle Awareness Month by the American Motorcycle Association.

Throughout this month, operators of trucks and cars will be urged to specifically watch for the presence of motorcycles rather than pulling out of driveways and parking lots after a brief glance and failing to notice an oncoming bike. Drivers are also reminded that it might be difficult to judge the speed of an approaching motorcycle. Waiting for it to pass before joining other traffic may take a minute or two longer, but it may save lives. Of course, the same applies for motorcyclists, who must also yield for other traffic.

Authorities also encourage motorcyclists to wear protective gear that is brightly colored to make them more visible. They are also reminded that smart positioning in traffic lanes can ensure visibility to vehicle operators and avoid traveling in their blind spots. Bikers and motorists must always use indicators to inform other road users of their intentions to turn or make lane changes.

These are but a few of the points that will be underscored during this awareness month. Many other precautions can be taken to prevent motorcycle accidents. However, despite the best intentions, bikers will likely continue to suffer injuries in crashes caused by the negligence of other motorists. Any victim of such an accident can pursue financial relief through the Colorado civil justice system, and resources are available to provide legal support and guidance throughout ensuing proceedings.

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