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Criminal law: Suspected DUI driver arrested, passenger injured

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2018 | Criminal Law

A man from Colorado Springs Is facing criminal charges after a recent accident. Authorities allege that he committed several violations of the criminal law. Reportedly, his arrest followed a crash on Highway 50.

Few details about the accident were reported, but photographic images show severe damage to the roof of an SUV, indicating that the vehicle may have rolled. Furthermore, there was evidence that the SUV smashed into several road signs. Reportedly, the Colorado State Police discovered a bong, an unopened bottle of alcohol and a handgun in the vehicle.

The circumstances that led to the crash is are unknown, but the driver is apparently suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol. A passenger in the vehicle suffered injuries and was transported to a hospital for treatment of spinal and head injuries. Police reports did not reveal the driver’s identity, nor were the specific charges that he will face made available.

Any driver who is accused of being responsible for an accident that caused injuries to a passenger may have to face criminal charges. When drugs, alcohol and firearms are also involved, the consequences can be even more severe. Anyone in such a situation is well-advised to seek the support and guidance of an experienced Colorado criminal law attorney. A lawyer will focus on safeguarding all of the legal rights to which every defendant is entitled while working to achieve the best possible outcome in the court. Sometimes this may be achieved by fighting the accusations at trial, while at other times legal issues raised may result in a reduction or outright dismissal of the pending charges.

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