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Colorado man faces drug charges after eluding investigators

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2018 | Drug Charges

Facing any criminal charges is a serious matter. When it is drug charges, and there are previous arrests on record, the consequences can be severe if not handled by experienced legal counsel. A 37-year-old Colorado man who was recently arrested may have to face habitual criminal charges.

Reportedly, investigators of the drug task force suspected activities related to illegal drugs at a residence in Mesa County. While the house was under surveillance, the primary suspect and two other individuals drove away. Deputies claim the suspect refused to stop when they tried to pull him over. They say they lost him when he raced away through the traffic. However, the man — who reportedly also has other outstanding arrest warrants — was later identified by unmarked officers when he was walking along with two women.

All three individuals were arrested and searched. The arrest affidavit indicates that drug paraphernalia, suspected methamphetamine, heroin, Xanax and Narcan were seized along with three handguns, a lock-picking set, saw blades and other tools. Several driver’s licenses were confiscated along with other forms of identification.

Any other residents of Colorado who are facing drug charges may want to explore their options for defense against the charges. The most logical step might be to secure the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney whose advocacy may make a significant difference to the outcome. A lawyer can defend the rights of the individual outside and inside the courtroom while working toward the best resolution possible under the circumstances.

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