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Man charged with violent crimes in Colorado stabbing

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2017 | Violent Crimes

Many children have close relationships with their parents, even as adults. As a result, they would each likely go to great lengths to protect one another. Unfortunately, one man in Colorado faces accusations related to violent crimes after police say he stabbed his mother’s boyfriend.

The incident happened in the early morning hours of a day in January. Reports indicate that a 41-year-old man and his girlfriend had some sort of argument while at a bar. The man reportedly returned to the woman’s home to pack his belongings when he encountered the woman’s 22-year-old son who also lives at the house.

The two men allegedly became involved in an argument that is said to have spilled into the parking lot of a neighboring police headquarters. It is there that police say that the younger man cut the victim’s neck. While the man’s injuries were described as substantial, they are not believed to be life threatening. The younger man was taken into custody afterward, suspected of felony menacing and attempted first-degree murder.

The charges that the young man is facing are serious and could have harsh consequences if convicted.  Many people in Colorado who face accusations of violent crimes feel unprepared to create an appropriate criminal defense. Fortunately, there are professionals with experience with such cases who are prepared to help fight charges in court in addition to negotiating for reduced charges in exchange for a plea deal. Such a person can help those facing the criminal justice process feel confident about the decisions that they must make.

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