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Guidance can be key to success after hit and run accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2016 | Hit And Run Accidents

Being hurt in a car accident can be an extremely traumatizing event that can be made even worse when the liable driver flees the scene. Colorado state law mandates that all drivers involved in wrecks stay at the scenes and then render any necessary aid, but that does not stop some drivers from driving away. Many victims of hit and run accidents are under the impression that they have no available options for recovering compensation; however, quite the opposite is true.

Police typically do their best to track down the liable driver in a hit-and-run accident. Depending on the amount of available evidence and eyewitness testimonies, finding that individual is not always possible. In the event that the responsible driver is not found, injury victims can sometimes file a claim with their own insurance companies. While not widely known, most insurance policies include coverage for accidents caused by uninsured or hit-and-run drivers.

The uninsured coverage applies to drivers who lack any type of insurance, as well as to those who flee the scenes of wrecks. In these instances, an insurance company will typically cover any accident-related losses up to the amount outlined in the policy details. This type of coverage can also be utilized against drivers who stay at the scene but who do not have sufficient insurance. Any driver who does not have the minimum liability insurance as outlined by state law — which includes $25,000 for victims who suffer injuries — is considered underinsured, and personal insurance policies will typically provide the difference for victims.

Most Colorado drivers have insurance simply because the law requires it, but few people realize how beneficial it can be after difficult events, such as hit and run accidents. Still, having insurance is not necessarily a guarantee that all costs and damages will be covered. Many insurance companies are more concerned with their own bottom lines than with injured victims, which is why we have dedicated our services to guiding clients through the sometimes difficult process of recovering just compensation for their injuries.