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Why persons charged with violent crimes need a proven trial lawyer

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2016 | Violent Crimes

Two central points regarding violent crimes can be immediately stated, namely these:

First, no specific demographic can ever be posited that seeks to confine the alleged perpetrators of violent criminal activity to a particular type of class, whether that is based on race, national origin, sex, socio-economic status or any other classification. As we note on a relevant page of our website at the Denver criminal defense firm of Flesch & Beck Law, we represent clients “of every background accused of violent crimes.”

And, second, a felony conviction on a violent crime charge (ranging from a weapons offense or robbery to a sexual assault, hate crime or one of the many other charging possibilities available to prosecutors) can have adverse and life-long consequences that include a lengthy prison term, foregone post-release job opportunities, travel restrictions and a host of other delimiting bars.

Those realities render it extremely important for criminal suspects to secure proven defense representation that includes extensive and on-point trial experience.

Here’s why that is true. Every self-respecting attorney will in good faith seek to obtain a client result that is in every instance focused upon an optimal outcome. Most centrally, of course, that means a dismissal of charges. If that is not possible, advocacy must focus upon otherwise mitigating the potential consequences to the fullest extent possible.

Candidly, that can be hard for an attorney having little or no demonstrated trial experience or success to achieve, given that prosecutors know they can press their claims hard without a jury or trial judge ultimately pronouncing judgment on them.

Our attorneys do not always take a case to court, but we don’t hesitate to do so when that is a strategic imperative. Our lawyers collectively command decades of trial experience, which we put to use when that is in a client’s best interests.

We welcome questions and comments from our readers across Colorado regarding any aspect of criminal law representation.