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Fouls at Home During & After Superbowl

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2014 | Dangerous Property

Denver Metro Police prepare for up to an 8% increase in 911 calls in the few hours following a Denver Broncos loss. Calls include harassment, property damage, domestic violence, riots, drunk driving and assault. Alcohol contributes to the sharp increase. Superbowl Sunday alcohol consumption is second only to New Year’s Eve.

Domestic violence calls increase because some men get upset when their team loses and take their anger out on those around them. During his arrest, one man was asked why he assaulted his wife. He replied “Because the Broncos lost!”. Every domestic violence case has a victim. The expert attorneys at Flesch & Beck Law can help you if you have been abused or injured. Call us today at 303-578-0926.