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Drug charges: Coach resigns after K-9 search raises suspicion

When a person is suspected of criminal conduct in Colorado, being prepared for the possibility of an arrest and facing charges may help. If the individual has never been arrested before, it might help to learn what to expect. If drug charges may be involved -- or any other criminal charges for that matter -- what is said at that time could be detrimental.

Criminal charges filed after May crime spree in Colorado

Following a number of burglaries in one common area in Denver on one day, police say they have arrested four men linked to the alleged crime spree that also included a murder. Criminal charges were filed against the suspects, who purportedly committed several home invasions and one murder in mid-May. A spokesperson for the Denver Police Department says the arrest of the fourth suspect answered many questions.

Drug charges filed against alleged drug kingpin in Colorado

After a 12-month investigation by the Denver Strike Force, law enforcement recently raided a Colorado grocery store in Aurora. Several people were taken into custody, and they are now facing drug charges. Authorities say those arrested were allegedly part of a massive smuggling scheme in which methamphetamine and cocaine are brought into Colorado from another country.

Facing drug charges during the holidays is no fun at all

Some people in Colorado may be having difficulty getting into the holiday spirit. There are many reasons why not everyone enjoys the holidays. For some, it might be that this time of year reminds them of a past sorrow; others might be going through divorce or facing a serious family issue. Still others, however, might be dealing with problems of a different sort, such as drug charges or other criminal allegations.

Facing drug charges? You need experience on your side.

Criminal charges involving illegal substances usually have severe consequences for convictions. Some of the most common charges related to drug crimes are for the possession of an illegal substance and the possession of drug paraphernalia. In many instances, these drug charges are filed together, putting Colorado defendants in difficult positions.

16 facing drug charges, only 14 arrested

An investigation by Colorado drug prosecution units ended in the arrest of 14 people. A total of 16 people are actually facing drug charges for an alleged illegal drug ring, but authorities have been unable to track down two individuals. Aside from drug-related charges, four individuals are also facing allegations of operating a criminal enterprise and racketeering.

Criminal law case includes dozens of felony charges

Collecting signatures is often a pivotal role for volunteers and employees who are helping candidates get on to local ballots. As both federal and local Colorado elections close in on election days, at least one local canvasser has been accused of violating criminal law in order to ensure her preferred candidate was listed on the ballot. She was recently charged with dozens of felonies following her arrest.

Vehicular homicide and drug charges pending in fatal DUI crash

With summer now in full effect, the roads and highways around the country are more crowded as people take time off for vacation and teens are out of school. As the number of drivers rises, there is typically an uptick in car wrecks and fatalities. A recent DUI accident in Colorado resulted in the death of two people, and pending vehicular homicide, traffic citations and drug charges for a juvenile driver.

Some Colorado youth at higher risk for facing drug charges

The legalization of marijuana in Colorado has resulted in many benefits to the state, including what many believe to be a reduction in unnecessary arrests of adults for minor possession violations. However, the rules regarding recreational use and age are similar to those for alcohol, meaning that only adults aged 21 and older are allowed to partake. Since then, the number of drug charges against minors has rapidly increased, although some say that the arrests have been far from fair.

You need the right defense to fight drug charges

Being arrested for a drug-related crime leads to an incredibly confusing and emotional period of time. Drug charges can be complex at both Colorado state and federal levels, with the possible consequences ranging from probation to lengthy prison sentences. Most defendants fare better against these types of charges when they have the right kind of support behind them.

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