We Are Your Denver Lawyers

We Are Your Denver Lawyers

When The Truck Driver Is Negligent

Truck driver negligence is often the cause of serious truck accidents on highways and truck routes. Drivers can easily be distracted, fatigued or drive recklessly. When truck driver negligence can be proven by your personal injury lawyer, you stand to recover maximum compensation for your injuries and losses.

What Is Truck Driver Negligence?

  • Reckless driving such as speeding, quick lane changes, swerving, disobeying traffic signals and other traffic violations
  • Hours of service violations (working too many hours without appropriate rest, as mandated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)
  • Distracted driving, including texting and GPS distractions
  • Improper loading or securing of cargo
  • Failing to make proper safety and maintenance checks before driving

How We Prove Truck Driver Negligence In Colorado

At Flesch & Beck Law, we go to work quickly. We will collaborate with a network of trucking industry and medical experts to investigate the accident, gather evidence and evaluate your case. This evaluation depends greatly on our ability to prove negligence either on the part of the truck driver or trucking company.

Proving negligence requires:

  1. Providing evidence that there was a breach of the duty of care. Truck drivers and others on the road are obligated to prevent injuries to fellow drivers by limiting dangers on the road. This requires adherence with all trucking regulations, road laws and reasonable safety expectations.
  2. Showing that the truck driver’s negligence was the cause of your accident and resulting injuries.

On the surface, this may sound easy, but the technicalities involved with proving negligence, proving the value of your damages and proving causation are immense. The defense resistance from the trucking company and its insurance provider will add to the complexities.

It is crucial that you document your injuries and losses, speak with an attorney before making recorded statements of any kind, and follow our 10 simple steps after your accident.

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