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Multiple Cars Involved? Who Is Liable?

Under Colorado’s laws of proportional comparative fault, determining which drivers may share a percentage of responsibility for causing an accident can be a critical factor when filing a personal injury claim. Any driver assigned more than 50 percent of the fault is not eligible to file a claim against another driver’s insurance provider. But what happens when multiple cars are involved in an accident, which may be the case along an icy road during Colorado’s winter months?

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Multi-car accidents create a special problem for insurance adjusters as they unravel the circumstances to determine who may have been initially at fault, as well as which drivers may have been negligent in contributing to the accident.

High Insurance Settlements Are At Stake

For auto insurance companies, determining exactly who is at fault for causing a multicar accident is critical. With so many damaged cars and potential injuries (or deaths) involved, the payouts to injured parties can be massive. Every insurance company will assign its most experienced accident investigators to the case, working hard to make sure it isn’t its customer who may be assigned some of the fault.

Under Colorado law, any driver who is not assigned at least 50 percent of the fault for causing an accident may have a claim against the primary negligent driver. This can become tricky when an insurance company defends itself aggressively against claims by drivers who were not involved in the initial collision, but didn’t slow down or take necessary precautions to avoid getting involved.

Start By Hiring The Right Lawyer

If you were involved in a multicar accident on a road in Colorado, make sure you discuss your case with a knowledgeable attorney at Flesch & Beck Law. Our team of personal injury lawyers has been aggressively representing people injured in motor vehicle accidents for many years. We know the tactics insurance companies will use to try to avoid paying fair settlements.

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