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Who Pays For My Medical Bills After An Accident?

Medical bills after an accident

When you’re recovering from an accident or any injury that was caused by someone else, you should be able to focus solely on your health. But the unfortunate truth is that worries about finances and paying your bills will often take a front seat in your mind. These are natural things to worry about and are behind a frequent question we receive: “Who is going to pay my medical bills?”

The exact answer will depend on the specifics of your situation, but most situations are covered by one or a few of the options below.

The person who caused your injury: In many situations, you will be able to recover your medical costs (and compensation for other damages) from the person who caused you harm through reckless actions, failure to act as he or she should have or negligent behavior. Although you may have to pursue a personal injury lawsuit to get all of the financial compensation you are entitled to, that merely changes the timeline for a recovery, not the reckless person’s responsibility to pay your medical bills.

Your employer or the employer of the person who caused your injury: If you were hurt at work, it is possible that your employer may pay for your medical bills. If you were injured by someone who was working at the time he or she caused your injuries, you may be able to recover compensation from that person’s employer. [Please note that, while we DO handle workplace injury cases, we do NOT handle workers’ compensation claims.]

Insurance companies: In some situations, the person whose actions caused your injuries will be able to have their insurance company cover your bills. In other situations, such as when the person who hurt you fled the scene, you may need to recover compensation directly from your own insurance company (if your policy provides for that type of recovery, such as a clause that covers uninsured motorists).

Can I Make The Person Who Caused My Accident Pay My Medical Bills As I Receive Each Bill?

No. Colorado law only requires the person who is at fault for your injuries to pay you the amount you request at one particular time; it does not allow for a “pay as you go” approach over time.

I Don’t Have Health Insurance. How Do I Get Medical Treatment After An Accident That Was NOT My Fault?

Hopefully you have Med-Pay coverage relating to your car insurance. If not, we can help find a doctor who will treat you on a lien. You need to call the lawyers at Flesch & Beck Law to discuss your options and how to get treatment sooner than later. The longer you delay getting treatment, the easier you make it for the insurance company to deny liability suggesting you were not hurt in the accident.

What If The At-Fault Party Only Had Minimum Limits And My Medical Bills Already Exceed That Limit?

First, you will need to find out whether or not the driver of the vehicle is the owner of the vehicle that caused you injuries. If the driver and owner are different, there may be additional insurance coverage.

Next, you will also need to do an asset search relating to either the driver or the owner of the vehicle involved.

Finally, you will need to make a claim against your UM/UIM carrier. We can help you through all of the steps necessary to secure a viable under insured uninsured motorist claim. Learn more by calling our offices in Denver and Englewood, Colorado, at 720-689-0322. You can also reach out to us online.

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