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motorcycle accidents Archives

Motorcycle accidents: SUV driver charged after fatal accident

A 75-year-old woman in Colorado was recently arrested after she allegedly caused the death of one person and serious injuries to another. Motorcycle accidents are more prevalent during the summer months, and this one reportedly happened on a recent Monday shortly after 11:15 a.m. According to the Boulder Police Department, the investigation is ongoing.

Motorcycle accidents can cause debilitating injuries

Most motorcycle enthusiasts in Colorado love taking to the open roads during the summer months. A spokesperson for the Orthopaedic Trauma Association says a significant percentage of the medical treatment orthopedic surgeons provide involves victims of motorcycle accidents. He reminds bikers to ensure that their motorcycles are in good working order because broken bones are caused by broken bikes.

Motorcycle accidents can lead to long-term pain and suffering

Motorcyclists in Colorado are likely thrilled to be able to take to the open roads after the long, cold winter. With the excitement and freedom come the hazards of riding without any of the protective systems and devices offered to motorists. Motorcycle accidents are known to cause severe injuries, but the physical and emotional stress, known as pain and suffering, is different for each victim.

Motorcycle accidents can cause life-changing injuries

With the change of the seasons comes weather that is ideal for outdoor activities. Motorcycle owners in Colorado will be keen to get out onto the open roads. In doing so, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reminds riders special skills and exceptional coordination are necessary for the safe operation of motorcycles. Bikers have none of the protection offered to motorists, and the consequences of motorcycle accidents can be life-altering.

Injury symptoms can be hidden after car vs. motorcycle accidents

Many times, crash victims in Colorado who see no broken bones or open wounds decline medical examinations, not realizing that hidden symptoms of injuries could only become evident days or even weeks later. This applies to both car and motorcycle accidents. Each accident victim's experience in such circumstances is unique, and struggling to focus during the feeling of mental fog could hide existing injuries.

Motorcycle accidents: Driver says he did not see oncoming bike

Two lives were lost in Denver on a recent Saturday evening when, it appears, a driver failed to see an oncoming biker as he turned left at an intersection. The driver of the car claimed to have seen the light of an approaching motorcycle but thought that it was far enough away for him to complete the turn safely. Sadly, like in many other motorcycle accidents, the crash that followed killed the rider and the passenger of the bike.

Motorcycle accidents: Fleeing driver returns to crash scene

The family members of a 19-year-old Colorado man who is battling for his life after suffering traumatic brain injuries in a crash. Motorcycle accidents such as this one typically leave riders with catastrophic injuries, even those who wear helmets and protective gear. The young man suffered severe injuries on a recent Friday.

Motorcycle accidents: SUV's failure to yield kills bike passenger

Colorado motorcyclists will know that riders and their passengers have little chance of walking away from crashes without road rash, broken bones and sometimes catastrophic injuries. Sadly, too many lives are lost in motorcycle accidents because riders have little or no protection. The fact that motorcycles are significantly smaller than other vehicles is often the reason for car vs. bike crashes when drivers claim they did not see the bike.

Motorcycle accidents: How to ride safely as a passenger on a bike

Bikers need exceptional skills to ride safely. When they have passengers, they need even more control of their motorcycles. A passenger potentially adds 20 to 30 percent additional weight on the bike, which requires adjusted driving techniques, and the rider must ensure that the combined weight is within limits set by the manufacturer. Motorcycle accidents in Colorado often result in passengers suffering catastrophic injuries or worse.

Motorcycle accidents: 75-year-old Colorado biker dies on I-70

The Colorado State Patrol says authorities are investigating the death of a 75-year-old man from De Beque. In one of many motorcycle accidents that happen in Colorado every year, this man lost his life on Interstate 70. Authorities say the man's bike was struck by a pickup truck at about 6 p.m. on a recent Saturday.

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