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auto-pedestrian accidents Archives

Auto-pedestrian accidents prevalent around Colorado school buses

At the start of the new school year, many children's lives will once again be on the line. A significant percentage of all auto-pedestrian accidents nationwide, including Colorado, involve children moving around school buses. Records indicate that children younger than nine years old are at the highest risk as they rush to get on or off the bus.

Auto-pedestrian accidents: Bicyclists face similar risks

With warmer weather approaching, people in Denver and across Colorado will likely be keen to get out and enjoy the fresh air while running, hiking, biking and walking. However, with all these activities comes increased risks of auto-pedestrian accidents. Cyclists who share the roads with automobiles face the same elevated risks.

Concern exist over the number of fatal auto-pedestrian accidents

Based on a recent report by the Governors Highway Safety Association, highway safety officials nationwide, including Colorado, reported increased numbers of pedestrian deaths. Analysis of the combination of historical data and fatal auto-pedestrian accidents that were recorded for the first half of 2018 indicates a significant increase in such deaths. Researchers say it is the highest in 30 years.

Rear-end, auto-pedestrian accidents par for the course in snow

Colorado winters can be harsh, and everybody who takes to the roads is vulnerable. This is the season in which not only auto-pedestrian accidents but also rear-end collisions and other types of crashes are prevalent. Drivers from other states who are used to milder winter weather might be wise to take precautions.

Auto-pedestrian accidents: 13-year-old girl fatally struck by car

Pedestrians in Colorado cities will always be at risk of being struck by vehicles. Auto-pedestrian accidents claim a significant percentage of the lives that are lost on city streets each year. One of the most recent incidents caused the death of a Lakewood teenager.

Auto-pedestrian accidents are preventable

Almost everyone in Colorado is a pedestrian at one point or another. The number of fatal auto-pedestrian accidents reach alarming levels every year, with statistics reporting a death occurred, on average, every 90 minutes in 2016. This underscores the importance of every adult taking the responsibility of maintaining safe practices whenever they are pedestrians, and establishing safe habits in children from an early age.

Auto-pedestrian accidents in Colorado school zones a big concern

Drivers speeding in school zones are a significant problem in Colorado. In fact, a nationwide survey gave the state a "D" rating for pedestrian safety in school zones. Data was collected from over 125,000 schools across the country, considering issues like hard braking, rapid acceleration, distracted driving and speeding that could lead to auto-pedestrian accidents.

Auto-pedestrian accidents could have devastating consequences

Pedestrians in Colorado will always be vulnerable. Safety statistics indicate that auto-pedestrian accidents are common causes of injuries treated at ER facilities in Denver. Regardless of how careful a pedestrian is, he or she may fall victim to a negligent driver. Even if it never happens, it might be a good idea to know what to do in such circumstances.

Auto-pedestrian accidents often caused by distracted drivers

Colorado Springs police responded to an accident that caused injuries to three people. This incident was a perfect example of the hazards of mobile device distractions. Despite awareness campaigns and enforcement, distracted drivers continue to cause auto-pedestrian accidents and other collisions.

Auto-pedestrian accidents: Teen killed by suspected DUI driver

The police in Loveland, Colorado, say they are investigating the death of a local teenager who was struck by a truck. This was one of those auto-pedestrian accidents in which the vehicle driver is suspected of drunk driving. The Loveland Police Department Technical Crash Investigation Team is heading the investigation.

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