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2 factors that make intersections so dangerous for drivers

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2023 | Auto Accidents

A large number of the collisions that occur each year in Colorado and across the United States as a whole specifically take place at intersections. Even though vehicles often slow down or stop at intersections, crashes are a constant safety concern where roads cross each other.

People sometimes take for granted that collisions that occur at intersections will be fender benders and are likely to result in less serious consequences than collisions that occur on freeways and other high-speed roads. However, intersections experience a large number of significant crashes, including fatal collisions that affect pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycle riders. Every person making use of public roads, therefore, may benefit from having a deeper understanding of what makes intersections so dangerous. The following factors contribute to a significant portion of the crashes that occur at intersections.

Legal non-compliance

Colorado law imposes a duty to stop when someone approaches a stop sign, even if it is a four-way stop and there are no other vehicles present. The law also requires that people stop for red lights and that they make a safety-conscious decision when approaching a yellow light. They should also avoid distractions caused by food, digital devices or passengers.

Additionally, motorists have an obligation to signal their intent to turn so that others viewing them at the intersection can adjust their behaviors based on the maneuver a driver intends to conduct. A large number of intersection collisions occur because people complete rolling stops, proceed through the intersection out of turn or do not signal before completing a turn.

Improper surveillance

Distraction is a major safety issue anywhere on the road, especially at intersections. Motorists frequently pick up their phones at red lights and four-way stops, which may mean they don’t check their surroundings as carefully as they should. A large number of intersection collisions occur because people fail to monitor the traffic around them or they make inaccurate assumptions about what other vehicles will do.

Learning about the top causes of major motor vehicle collisions at intersections may help people minimize their chance of experiencing such a crash themselves.