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What protects people injured by aggressive animals in Colorado?

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2023 | Injuries

Animal attacks are not common occurrences, but they happen often enough to be a source of concern for anyone who accesses public spaces like parks in Colorado or socializes with people who own animals. Domestic animals, including dogs, can become violent and aggressive with little warning or any noticeable provocation.

When animals attack, they can cause property damage, physical injuries and deep-set psychological trauma. Who is responsible for the injuries generated as a result of an aggressive animal attack in Colorado?

Owners have liability for pets that turn violent

The decision to own an animal means accepting responsibility for its welfare and also culpability for its actions if it harms anyone else. Colorado’s strict liability statute allows those harmed by an animal to pursue a claim against its owner.

The aggression of an animal can lead to massive medical costs for the people affected. Dogs can cause disfiguring injuries. They can break bones and damages personal property. Their attacks can cause major infections and trauma that could result in difficulties for years before someone may be in a position to fully process their experience. Unless the person attacked intentionally provoked the animal before the incident or broke the law, the animal’s owner will usually be responsible for whatever damages it causes.

Many times, people who own animals will have insurance that will compensate the victims of the attack. Both homeowner’s insurance and renter’s insurance can provide liability coverage for those whose animals harm others. The company may pay to replace damaged clothing or electronics and to cover someone’s hospital bills. In scenarios where there is no insurance available, then the person affected by the aggressive animal may need to consider pursuing a personal injury lawsuit.

Animals come with some degree of risk

Those who decide to own animals assume the liability that comes with that choice. Members of the public should not have to worry about suffering injuries when at a park or visiting a neighbor’s home because of an aggressive animal’s behavior.

Animal owners who fail to properly train or restrain their animals could end up liable for any damages caused if the animal attacks a human. Requesting appropriate compensation with the assistance of an experienced legal professional is a reasonable response to a dog bite attack in Colorado.