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Who’s to blame if you get hurt in a parking ramp or garage?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2022 | Auto Accidents

Parking ramps, which some people call parking garages, can be very profitable businesses. Someone builds a multi-story building intended almost exclusively to securely store motor vehicles. It can be a smart business move to invest in parking infrastructure. Property owners can turn a small lot that would not afford much space for office rentals or housing and turn it into a lucrative business venture.

Parking ramps allow professionals quick and easy access to amenities and areas with limited street parking and surface parking lots. Just like anywhere else where there are multiple vehicles traveling close to one another, parking garages and ramps see their fair share of motor vehicle collisions, including many very serious pedestrian crashes.

Who is liable for a parking garage crash?

Insurance may cover the cost of the wreck

There are many kinds of situations in which crashes occur in parking garages. Perhaps someone backs out of their space and knocks over a pedestrian, causing a brain injury. On the other hand, maybe a driver comes around a corner too quickly and ends up striking a parked vehicle.

The circumstances of the crash will determine the options available to the parties affected. For example, if there’s a hit-and-run crash in a parking garage, the person with property damage may not be able to make an insurance claim unless the parking garage has security cameras. Drivers may end up using their own uninsured motorist protection when they can’t track down the person who causes a crash.

There could potentially be grounds for a claim against the company operating the facility in certain cases if poor design, understaffing or a lack of security measures contributes to something unfortunate happening. Pedestrians hit by inattentive drivers and those who get into a crash while actively driving in a parking ramp may be able to bring an insurance claim against the other driver.

Parking ramp cases can quickly become complicated

Although the same theoretical liability rules apply regardless of where a crash occurs, the circumstances of a collision in a professional parking facility can have a significant impact on the rights of those who paid for parking only to end up with a damaged vehicle or a serious injury.

Determining liability is an important step when asking for reimbursement for your expenses after a car crash.