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Do holidays have an impact on pedestrian safety?

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2021 | Auto-pedestrian Accidents

Walking on the road or on sidewalks near public roads can lead to pedestrian collisions. People in motor vehicles can fail to notice pedestrians or lose control of their vehicle, possibly with tragic results.

Certain holidays have a strong correlation with the increased risk of motor vehicle crashes. Between people traveling to see their family members and drinking alcohol at celebrations, there is a lot of reason to worry about safety on the road.

The holidays may increase the risk of a drunk driving crash, but what about pedestrian safety? Is there a correlation between the holidays and how safe it is to walk on the streets?

A popular holiday holds the title of the most dangerous day for young walkers

Pedestrian crashes affect people of all ages, but a collision between a child in a motor vehicle can be particularly tragic. Children are small enough that drivers may not notice them. Add in unpredictable behavior in children on the roads after dark, and you have the perfect scenario for a tragic child pedestrian crash.

Every year, on Halloween, the risk of a child dying in a pedestrian crash with a vehicle roughly doubles. Costumes, sugar buzzes and high pedestrian volumes all combine to make Halloween the most dangerous day of the year for children to be out walking near the road. It is also one of the more common days for parents to let their children walk around unattended.

What about other major holidays?

Many major holidays might lead to an increased risk of a pedestrian crash for people of any age. People traveling in unfamiliar areas could lead to more collisions. Higher rates of alcohol consumption can also be a concern, especially because alcohol intoxication is one of the main contributing factors in many pedestrian crashes.

Any holiday associated with drinking could cause an increase in pedestrian crash risk. New Year’s Day is often among the most dangerous days of the year for pedestrians. Any event that involves excessive drinking could also increase how much risk you have out on the road, including local celebrations or concerts.

Learning about various risk factors for pedestrian collisions could help you and your loved ones stay a little safer on the Colorado roads.