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How distractions result in parking lot crashes

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2021 | Auto Accidents

How many times has someone almost struck you in a parking lot, whether you were walking or in your vehicle? It’s likely that it’s happened not just once but multiple times.

Being struck by a vehicle isn’t the only way you may end up getting hurt in a parking lot, but it’s surely something we can all do more to prevent. If you want to know what’s most to blame for these incidents, distractions are high up on the list.

How often can parking lot accidents be blamed on distractions?

National Safety Council (NSC) data shows that at least 66% of the polled respondents admitted that they’d take a call while riding in a parking lot if the situation presented itself. At least 63% of them also said that they’d use the GPS while operating their vehicles.

The story is not that different regarding texting, using social media, exchanging emails, watching videos or snapping photos. At least 49% or more of those same respondents polled admitted that they’d do one of the above actions while driving through a parking lot as well.

The NSC researchers also discovered that the holiday season is when motorists are more apt to be distracted in a parking lot. They note the stress of the season and long to-do lists is often what keeps drivers preoccupied.

Teenagers are 6% less likely than adults to use their phones while riding through a parking lot. The researchers found that the opposite was true when it came to grooming. Teens were 6% more likely to engage in it instead of adults in a parking lot.

How do distractions affect a motorist’s driving in a parking lot?

Motorists who are distracted have the potential of:

  • Not seeing someone walking behind their vehicle as they back out
  • Failing to yield to others’ right of way (both pedestrians and motorists)
  • Not noticing a child, cart or stroller that may soon be entering their path
  • Having a hard time maintaining their lane
  • Not being able to notice driver signs that may help you anticipate their actions

There are many ways distractions can affect a motorist and result in catastrophic accidents with life-threatening injuries. There may be legal remedies that you can pursue if such an incident leaves you injured.