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Car maintenance measures that may save your life this winter

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2020 | Auto Accidents

If this upcoming winter isn’t your first in the state of Colorado, then you understand some of the dangers that come along with driving through snowy and icy conditions.

Thankfully, there are ways you can make your vehicle winter-ready. Not only can regular upkeep improve your car’s functions, but there are adjustments you can make that may save you from an accident this time of year.

Wiper and windshield maintenance

Driving anytime of the year is dangerous to do if your view of the road isn’t clear. During the winter, you’ll put your windshield wipers to good use to brush away any snow or precipitation that’s blocking your view. So, it’s essential to check that your wipers are in top-notch condition and decide if you’d like to install winter-specific wipers that put up a stronger fight against ice. Refilling windshield wiper fluid in the proper reservoir and keeping a backup supply in your trunk are other measures you can take to increase your visibility.

Battery health check

A car breakdown in the middle of winter can be scary. On top of having to think about how you are going to get your car to start again and potentially having to pull over on a busy road, you will also have to keep warm until you resolve the problem. To prevent this unideal scenario from taking place, you can have a mechanic check the health of your battery. Following the recommendation of a professional about upgrading or replacing your battery is crucial because lower temps may decrease your battery’s power, no matter the age of the battery.

Tire replacement or upgrade

Driving with worn out or bald tires might make you more prone to sliding in winter conditions. You can get new tires that can handle slippery streets better. Or consider investing in winter tires that have better traction.

While some car accidents are simply inevitable, being proactive about winterizing your vehicle will only improve your safety. ­