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Colorado DOT aims to reduce fatal motorcycle crashes

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents

In September of 2020, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) reported the 100th motorcycle death of the year in the state. Fatal motorcycle collisions are up 12% compared to the same time in 2019, so the Colorado Department of Transportation has been looking into how to address this concern.

According to CDOT’s news release, there has been a larger than expected increase in motorcycle fatalities this year, and the fall season may continue to see an uptick. As a result, CDOT is asking that all drivers monitor the roadways for motorcyclists and use caution. The theme this year is, “Look Twice, and Save a Life.”

Grease Monkey is working with CDOT in the hope of reducing fatalities in the future. Between October and November, the organization will be distributing around 60,000 window stickers to drivers who get their oil changed. Putting out the message reminding others to look before turning or driving and to be aware of motorcyclists is just one step that will hopefully reduce the number of collisions overall.

Most motorcycle crashes happen when a driver turns left into a motorcyclist’s path. CDOT now has a fleet car that has been wrapped with the message, “Look twice before turning left.” It will be traveling throughout the Denver area in the next few months.

CDOT also released several tips for avoiding crashes with motorcyclists. Those include:

  • Eliminating distractions behind the wheel
  • Using caution when turning left
  • Avoiding following motorcyclists too closely
  • Looking twice when turning, changing lanes, merging or performing other maneuvers
  • Checking blind spots

If you are a motorcyclist, it’s important for you to remember to gear up when you ride. Wearing a helmet and appropriate attire can help save your life if you are hit by a driver who doesn’t see you or makes an error on the road. If you have the ability to, wearing reflectors is another excellent idea, since light reflects and catches drivers’ attention.

It’s hoped that small changes can make a big difference for riders. Be cautious when you ride a motorcycle, so you can get home safely. When in a passenger vehicle, remember to look twice.