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What are the biggest risk factors for big truck crashes?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2020 | Auto Accidents

Few things feel quite as harrowing as driving down the highway and finding yourself directly next to a large commercial truck. These big vehicles cast long shadows and take up massive amounts of space. From their jarring horns to the powerful vibrations they admit when stopping quickly, commercial trucks can be a frightening presence on the modern roads.

Respecting the risk that they represent could help keep you and your loved ones safe. After all, thousands of people die every year in crashes involving commercial trucks, many of which were caused by the commercial vehicle or its driver.

Knowing more about what causes these crashes could reduce your personal risk of a crash and keep your family safer. What are the biggest risk factors for commercial truck crashes?

Bad decisions and inattention are the biggest risks

Over one-third (38%) of all commercial truck crashes caused by the commercial vehicle are the result of drivers making the wrong decision. They might misjudge what another driver intends to do or underestimate how much weather is going to impact driving safety. They make the decision contrary to their education that directly contributes to a collision.

Inattention or recognition is also a major and common cause, responsible for 28% of crashes caused by commercial vehicles. The driver, due to distraction or other factors, doesn’t notice a person or vehicle until it’s too late to prevent a crash.

Non-performance, possibly due to a medical event, causes another 12%, while performance issues cause 9% of these crashes. Roughly 10% are the result of vehicle issues, while 3% are due to environmental factors.

The actual cause will impact your rights to compensation

On the surface, it might seem like knowing the specific cause of the crash isn’t as important as knowing that it was the result of a commercial driver’s behavior. However, if the crash was one of that 10% of crashes that occur because of vehicle issues, for example, the driver’s employer might be responsible because they’d failed to maintain the vehicle properly.

Reviewing the records of the crash carefully and getting good advice about your options now can help you maximize the compensation you receive after a commercial collision leaves you hurt.