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Do’s and don’ts for cyclists following a motor vehicle accident

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2019 | Auto Accidents

As every bike rider knows, the idea of sharing the road is more of a concept than a common practice. The road can be dangerous whether you’re commuting to work in rush-hour traffic or just out for a ride. If a motorist strikes you and causes damage to your bike or your person, here’s what you need to know.


  • Get off the road for your own safety.
  • Get the driver’s information, from their name to their license plate to their car insurance.
  • Don’t negotiate with the driver about fault.
  • Call the police and report the accident.
  • Record the details of the accident while the details are still fresh. Your phone’s notes app is a good place to do this.
  • If you are able, take photos of the scene in case you choose to press charges later. The pictures will strengthen your position, providing visual evidence.
  • If possible, get statements from witnesses and record their names in case the police wish to contact them and confirm details of the accident.
  • Get medical attention as soon as possible. Even if you think you’re just “sore,” have a doctor examine you for injuries as a precaution.


  • Don’t fix your bike. Wait for the matter to resolve. If you file a personal injury lawsuit, a damages payout could cover this cost.
  • Don’t pay off a ticket. Police officers will sometimes try to cite you for a traffic violation after an accident. It’s smart to at least think about consulting a lawyer before paying a traffic ticket, which is an admission of guilt.
  • Don’t give a written statement, which can work against you in court. Consider consulting a lawyer before taking this step.

Bicycle accidents are far too common in Colorado. No matter how safely you ride, a motorist’s driving could endanger you. Knowing what to do and what not to do after an accident could help you recover not only medically but financially from the incident.