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K9 trainer faces criminal impersonation charges

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2019 | Criminal Law

Several Colorado clients of a man who allegedly pretended to be a dog trainer claim to have lost thousands of dollars after hiring him. A warrant was recently issued for his arrest — almost a year after accusations of theft and fraud were first made. Along with criminal impersonation, the man will also face felony theft charges when the arrest warrant is executed.

According to those who hired the dog trainer, his credentials on his website are false, and the many certificates he showed his clients were allegedly fraudulent. Reportedly, the man claimed to have been in the Marine Corps where he supposedly worked as a K-9 handler. However, investigators claim that there is no record of the man ever serving in the military.

It is further alleged that all of the certifications he listed on his website were fake. Many of his clients accuse the dog trainer of taking their money without providing the services for which he was paid. News investigators also claim that they found the accused man had a criminal record and had previously served time in Colorado for theft.

Despite all the allegations of felony theft and criminal impersonation, this man will remain innocent in the eyes of the law. Only if, and when, prosecutors can prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt can he be convicted. The sensible thing to do in such circumstances is to retain the services of an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney. A lawyer can examine the evidence and build a strong defense to achieve the best possible outcome for the client.