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2 Colorado men arrested on suspicion of burglary

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2019 | Criminal Law

Facing criminal charges can have severe consequences for anyone in Colorado. Things that are said or done after an arrest can be used against the accused individual later. For that reason, most people who are charged with theft or burglary crimes seek legal counsel immediately.

In the early hours of a recent Wednesday morning, a Colorado Springs business owner was at home, watching surveillance footage of his business. He claims to have seen an alleged burglar in the building, and he notified the police. Upon their arrival, officers noticed evidence of several break-ins in the area, but they saw no suspicious movement.

At that time, the business owner who made the call to the police arrived at the scene. He informed the police that he noticed a suspicious person roaming the neighborhood. Officers pulled over a car that raised suspicion and claim they saw evidence of stolen products in the vehicle. The two male occupants of the car were arrested on suspicion of burglary, and police assert that these individuals might be linked to other unsolved cases.

A Colorado attorney who has experience in dealing with burglary charges can protect the rights of an accused individual from the onset. Legal counsel can also scrutinize the charges and the procedures followed by the police officers during the investigation and arrest process, including any vehicle or property search and the identification of the alleged stolen property. Convictions cannot take place until and unless prosecutors can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and an experienced criminal defense attorney might be able to prevent that, or negotiate reduced charges in exchange for favorable sentencing considerations.