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Understanding the injuries associated with whiplash

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2019 | Injuries

If you were involved in a car accident, it is very likely that you experienced whiplash upon impact. Whiplash is the most common physical complaint that arises after a car accident, and 83% of all car accident victims suffer from neck stiffness or injury. The severity of whiplash can vary widely depending on the circumstances around the car crash. Additionally, those who suffer from whiplash could also suffer from other conditions.

If you have suffered from whiplash after a car accident, it is important that you understand the additional injuries that are commonly associated with it. Severe whiplash is thought to have an impact on other parts of the body. Understanding the profound impact that whiplash could have had on you could help you to gain the damages you deserve after a car accident in Colorado.

Mental health issues

Those who have suffered from whiplash have usually experienced something sudden, painful and scary that led up to the injury. This has meant that a wide variety of psychosocial symptoms have been associated with those suffering from whiplash. This can include anxiety, depression, and hypochondriasis. These mental health issues often require therapy and counseling. They can lead to victims needing to take time off from work in order to recover.

Cervical injuries

Studies have shown that the most common injuries diagnosed through radiography in whiplash patients are cervical injuries. These injuries may not be apparent to the injured person, and they may be diagnosed several years after the whiplash occurred.

Chronic pain

Chronic pain can, unfortunately, persist in the months and years after a whiplash injury. This can be very frustrating for patients and can affect their daily life profoundly. Post-whiplash chronic pain risk factors include age, preexisting neck pain and the initial intensity of neck pain in the immediate aftermath of the car crash. Chronic pain can be managed through physiotherapy. Studies have also suggested that improved mental health can have a positive impact on chronic pain.

If you have suffered whiplash when involved in a vehicle collision, it is important that you are able to gain the compensation that you are entitled to. Your compensation should be enough to cover all financial damages, as well as the emotional and physical costs of the incident.