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May 2019 Archives

Motorcycle accidents can cause life-changing injuries

With the change of the seasons comes weather that is ideal for outdoor activities. Motorcycle owners in Colorado will be keen to get out onto the open roads. In doing so, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reminds riders special skills and exceptional coordination are necessary for the safe operation of motorcycles. Bikers have none of the protection offered to motorists, and the consequences of motorcycle accidents can be life-altering.

Juvenile missteps can lead to damaging criminal record

Many missteps of juveniles in Colorado are not planned crimes. Peer pressure and the need to fit in and be popular lead many teenagers astray and unprepared for the consequences when their actions lead to arrests and convictions. Entering adulthood with already established criminal records can jeopardize college applications, job applications, obtaining credit and rental agreements.

Auto-pedestrian accidents: Bicyclists face similar risks

With warmer weather approaching, people in Denver and across Colorado will likely be keen to get out and enjoy the fresh air while running, hiking, biking and walking. However, with all these activities comes increased risks of auto-pedestrian accidents. Cyclists who share the roads with automobiles face the same elevated risks.

Will your teen drive on the family's summer road trip?

Colorado families often plan summer road trips to beaches or to visit family or friends. But driving for hours on end can be very tedious. If you have a teenager with a newly minted driver's license, they may be chomping at the bit to get some highway miles under their belt and offer to trade driving duties with you.

Why May is a dangerous month for motorcyclists

Earlier this year, Governor Jared Polis declared May 2019 to be Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in Colorado. It’s not hard to see why he chose this month in particular. May had the highest amount of motorcycle crashes in both 2017 and 2018, which were both the highest amount of accidents for their respective years.

Criminal defense: Man accused of robbing same place twice

Colorado police claim a robber returned for more within two hours of robbing a Dairy Queen outlet. They received an emergency call about a robbery in progress at approximately 9 p.m. on a recent Monday. The caller claimed the robber was threatening the staff at the store with several guns.

Car accidents are common at late-night events

Now that the temperatures are finally warming up in Colorado, it’s time to start reserving tickets and clearing weekends for your favorite musicians and sports teams. Whether your favorite singer as a kid has a concert booked in your city or you want to watch the Rockies take on the Cubs in person, summer tends to be one of the most exciting seasons for kids and adults for a reason.

Safety tips for running near traffic

With summer fast approaching, it is probably time to move your run from the treadmill back to the outdoors. However, leaving the gym for the streets of Denver comes with a certain amount of danger. Instead of worrying about another individual claiming your favorite machine, now you have to take precautions against fast moving cars that are only a few feet from the sidewalk.

Hit-and-run accidents: Firefighter dies on his way to work

In a recent tragedy in Colorado, a Greeley firefighter who survived the hazards of his occupation and saved the lives of others for 21 years lost his life in a traffic accident. His death was one of many that result from hit-and-run accidents each year. The fatal crash happened while the veteran firefighter was riding his motorcycle to work.

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