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Injury symptoms can be hidden after car vs. motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2019 | Motorcycle Accidents

Many times, crash victims in Colorado who see no broken bones or open wounds decline medical examinations, not realizing that hidden symptoms of injuries could only become evident days or even weeks later. This applies to both car and motorcycle accidents. Each accident victim’s experience in such circumstances is unique, and struggling to focus during the feeling of mental fog could hide existing injuries.

Whiplash is a typical example of hidden injuries that follow the rapid movement of a victim’s head. Along with damage to the neck and shoulder muscles, headaches can appear days after the accident. It is crucial to see a doctor because even without a skull fracture or penetrating wound, a blood clot can form on the brain. Back pain can mean damaged vertebrae or discs. If damage is done to the spine, it could also lead to loss of feeling or numbness in the hands and arms.

Accident victims will also be wise to look out for any abdominal swelling, pain or large areas of bruising. Even dizziness and fainting can indicate hidden internal injuries and might appear days or hours later. It is crucial to note that it could mean internal bleeding or another life-threatening development, and medical diagnosis and treatment might be essential.

Delayed symptoms after car or motorcycle accidents can also lead to post-traumatic stress disorder, which could lead to recurring nightmares about the accident, sleep disorders and more. Some may decline medical attention due to the costs, but if there is proof of negligence, these costs might be recovered. An experienced Colorado personal injury attorney can provide the necessary support and guidance in pursuit of recovery of monetary and emotional damages.