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Drug charges: Turn Over a New Leaf Program

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2019 | Drug Charges

Convictions for drug crimes can can have life-long consequences. According to the Denver District Attorney’s Office, some people are eligible to have convictions for low-level marijuana-related drug charges expunged. The initiative, known as the Turn Over a New Leaf Program, could result in clearing the criminal record of those with minor marijuana convictions.

Individuals who were convicted of marijuana crimes before recreational use of the drug became legal might be eligible. However, it only applies to people who committed low-level marijuana crimes in Denver, as the program has not been rolled out statewide. Low-level offenses include possession of both marijuana and hemp, paraphernalia and products such as edibles infused with marijuana. Even those who were convicted after pleading guilty to lesser charges might qualify for expungement.

The process involves legal counsel writing a motion to vacate and dismiss a prior conviction and seal the records. After that motion has been filed in court, the judge will consider it and make a ruling. The applicant need not attend the hearing, and he or she will be notified of the outcome. The entire process could be completed within a few weeks.

Anyone in Denver who has questions about eligibility or how to proceed to take advantage of the Turn Over a New Leaf Program can get answers from an experienced criminal defense attorney. A lawyer can provide the necessary support and guidance throughout ensuing legal proceedings. Successful participation in the program can help those battling to gain access to housing, military opportunities or careers due to convictions on low-level marijuana-related drug charges to get on with their lives without the weight of a criminal conviction hanging over them.