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Auto-pedestrian accidents are preventable

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2019 | Auto-pedestrian Accidents

Almost everyone in Colorado is a pedestrian at one point or another. The number of fatal auto-pedestrian accidents reach alarming levels every year, with statistics reporting a death occurred, on average, every 90 minutes in 2016. This underscores the importance of every adult taking the responsibility of maintaining safe practices whenever they are pedestrians, and establishing safe habits in children from an early age.

Safety authorities say it all starts by compliance with rules, signals and signs, and using sidewalks where possible. On routes without sidewalks, pedestrians are advised to walk as far as possible from the vehicles and to walk facing oncoming traffic. Mobile device distractions are as dangerous for pedestrians as for drivers, and it is crucial to avoid texting or other electronic activities while walking. Pedestrians are advised to wear bright or reflective clothing to improve visibility.

The safest places to cross streets are intersections and crosswalks because drivers expect to see pedestrians there. Pedestrians are advised to make eye contact with the drivers before they cross to make sure the drivers have noticed them. When crossing a road without crosswalks, it is best to choose an area that is well-lit and to make sure there is enough time to cross safely. Checking both directions while crossing is crucial.

Unfortunately, despite all the precautions, families in Colorado continue to lose loved ones in auto-pedestrian accidents that are caused by negligent drivers. When this happens, surviving family members would be entitled to pursue relief to cover financial and emotional damages. An experienced personal injury attorney can provide the necessary assistance throughout ensuing legal proceedings.