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What does Colorado law say about cell phone use while driving?

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2018 | Auto Accidents

Nationwide, drivers are becoming more negligent, with distracted driving accidents on the rise. While everyone knows it is not safe to use cell phones behind the steering wheel, people do it all day long. In Colorado, this is no different.

There is no doubt that busy lives make demands on time. Multitasking is common for people of any age. The resulting problem is often that people become overly confident in the ability to do multiple things at the same time. Sure, you can walk while chewing gum. Maybe you can help your child with homework while cooking dinner. But texting while driving? Don’t take the risk.

Texting and driving: An illegal (and unsafe) choice

According to state law, adults maintain the legal right to make calls during their commute. However, for experienced adult drivers as well as those under age 18, according to Colorado state law, texting is against the law while in control of a motor vehicle. Yet, adults and teen drivers, alike, make phone calls, check social media accounts and send text messages while removing the focus from where it should be – on the road.

A January 2018 report from the Colorado Department of Transportation indicates that traffic fatalities have increased nearly 30 percent in the past four years. While some fatal accidents are related to speeding, the lack of a seatbelt and drug or alcohol use, distractions such as cellphone use were also factors.

All it takes is one distracted moment

For those who have suffered injuries in a car accident caused by a distracted driver or have lost a loved one because of texting and driving, it may seem simple enough: simply put the phone down. No text is worth the risk of possibly causing serious damage to another. Unfortunately, far too many drivers in Colorado and other states make the mistake of driving distracted, putting not only their lives in danger but those of other drivers as well.