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Alleged porch pirates face criminal charges after recent arrest

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2018 | Criminal Law

Colorado Springs police report the recent arrest of four people who are suspected to be part of a porch pirate ring. They say a fifth suspect is still at large, and his arrest is reported to be imminent. Criminal charges were filed against the suspects whose arrests were part of an ongoing investigation.

Authorities say several neighborhoods in Colorado Springs reported the theft of packages from porches. These complaints gave rise to the investigation that authorities say was significantly aided by community members and victims of package theft who provided surveillance footage privately obtained. The homeowners supplied investigators with security footage captured through Nextdoor and Ring apps that they used for their own safety.

Reportedly, the help investigators received from communities led to law enforcement tracking down five alleged criminals within only two days. Although it is suspected that these thefts are all linked to one crime ring, police could not yet confirm that. The individuals who were arrested will all face theft charges.

Any criminal charges are serious, and the adverse impact of a conviction could be severe. However, anyone who is accused of a crime will remain innocent until, and if, prosecutors can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. After an arrest, it would be beneficial to secure the services of an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. A lawyer can assess the charges and the nature of the crime before suggesting the most appropriate way to proceed. The attorney will scrutinize the evidence presented and work to obtain the most favorable outcome for the client.