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Motorcycle accidents: SUV’s failure to yield kills bike passenger

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents

Colorado motorcyclists will know that riders and their passengers have little chance of walking away from crashes without road rash, broken bones and sometimes catastrophic injuries. Sadly, too many lives are lost in motorcycle accidents because riders have little or no protection. The fact that motorcycles are significantly smaller than other vehicles is often the reason for car vs. bike crashes when drivers claim they did not see the bike.

Just like many other accidents between cars and motorcycles, a woman who was a passenger on a bike recently died when the driver of anSUV allegedly turned without yielding to the bike. Reportedly, a 42-year-old motorcycle rider and his 37-year-old passenger were southbound on a Fort Collins roadway. At that time,  a 37-year-old woman in an SUV who was heading north made a left turn directly across the path of the bike.

A collision followed that caused serious injuries to both occupants of the motorcycle. They were both rushed to a hospital, but the passenger succumbed to her injuries. Reportedly, the driver of the SUV suffered only minor injuries. Law enforcement says the investigation into this accident is ongoing, and charges may follow. However, impairment is not suspected.

Victims of motorcycle accidents in Colorado might have grounds to pursue financial relief through the civil justice system. An experienced personal injury and wrongful death attorney can assess the viability of claims and then help with the establishment of negligence and presenting the claims for financial and emotional damages to the court. A successful presentation might yield a monetary judgment to cover documented claims.