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Auto-pedestrian accidents could have devastating consequences

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2018 | Auto-pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians in Colorado will always be vulnerable. Safety statistics indicate that auto-pedestrian accidents are common causes of injuries treated at ER facilities in Denver. Regardless of how careful a pedestrian is, he or she may fall victim to a negligent driver. Even if it never happens, it might be a good idea to know what to do in such circumstances.

If it is at all possible, an injured pedestrian must attempt to move away from the accident scene, which will remain a danger zone. While it is easier said than done, the victim should try to stay calm and call 911 or ask a bystander to make the call. It is never wise to refuse medical care because many injuries only show symptoms hours or even days later, and a thorough medical examination might uncover a problem that can be treated promptly.

If possible, exchange details with the driver, but do not discuss the accident and never admit to being at fault. When law enforcement arrives, provide as many details as possible. It might be helpful in any future lawsuit to get the names and contact details of people who witnessed the accident.

Because pedestrians have no protection against the impact when struck by a vehicle, the injuries they suffer in auto-pedestrian accidents are often severe. Victims could be hospitalized for extended periods, which will likely lead to significant expenses. However, financial relief could be pursued through the Colorado civil justice system. Although this is a complicated field of the law, the process could be simplified with the support and guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney.