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Motorcycle accidents: How to ride safely as a passenger on a bike

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents

Bikers need exceptional skills to ride safely. When they have passengers, they need even more control of their motorcycles. A passenger potentially adds 20 to 30 percent additional weight on the bike, which requires adjusted driving techniques, and the rider must ensure that the combined weight is within limits set by the manufacturer. Motorcycle accidents in Colorado often result in passengers suffering catastrophic injuries or worse.

Safety advisers suggest motorcycle riders always wear helmets and ensure that their passengers do the same. They say drivers should keep in mind that the added weight on the rear of the bike will reduce stopping power. For that reason, more space and time will be necessary for the bike to come to a stop, and passing other vehicles will also need extra time. Jerky accelerating and shifting gears can cause lurching of the passenger, so the smoother those actions, the safer will be the ride.

When it comes to motorcycle passengers, they should wait for the bike to be on the kickstand before mounting it. Their legs should be kept clear of the heat of the exhaust, with their arms wrapped around the waist of the driver, and their feet on the footrest at all times. Sudden moves of the passenger could affect the driver’s ability to control the bike, and it is essential passengers to lean harmony with the rider when the bike turns.

When bike passengers in Colorado suffer injuries in motorcycle accidents, the injured victims might have grounds to pursue financial relief. An experienced personal injury attorney’s support and guidance can be invaluable. The lawyer can document any negligence and advocate for the plaintiff throughout ensuing legal proceedings to recover financial and other damages.