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Motorcycle accidents: Riders have little or no protection

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents

Every road user in Colorado is at risk of being involved in a collision. The type of vehicle they use will play a significant role in the severity of injuries that might result. Occupants of automobiles are typically protected by seat belts, air bags and other protective devices, none of which motorcyclists have. For that reason, victims of motorcycle accidents frequently suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries.

Because bikers are not encased in the protective bodies of vehicles, accidents typically cause them to be ejected from their machines. Hence, almost all motorcycle crash victims suffer road rash. This could only cause redness of the outer layer of the skin, or it could break the outer skin layer but leave the inner layers intact. However, when the skin is entirely removed and the underlying tissue and fat layers are exposed, it requires immediate medical attention.

Other common injuries in motorcycle accidents involve fractured bones. These can include broken legs, pelvises, arms and wrists, but if fractures of vertebrae occur, it could cause spinal cord damage. The most catastrophic injuries are those that involve head trauma. Traumatic brain injuries can have life-changing consequences and could even occur despite the protection of a helmet.

Victims of motorcycle accidents that caused severe injuries might not be able to return to work for months. Along with mounting medical bills, the lack of income can generate significant levels of stress and anxiety. If the negligence of another party caused the accident, financial relief might be pursued. An experienced personal injury attorney can assist with the navigation of a lawsuit in a Colorado civil court to recover financial and emotional damages.