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Criminal charges: Suspect turns himself in to Colorado police

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2018 | Criminal Law

A conviction for any criminal accusation can be detrimental to the life of anyone in Colorado. For that reason, it is best to seek legal counsel as soon as there are signs that criminal charges my be forthcoming. Despite the presumption of innocence that is guaranteed to anyone accused of a crime, what a suspect says to law enforcement can make or break a case.

A 25-year-old man in Colorado surrendered to police after a bizarre car accident. According to a spokesperson for Colorado Springs Police Department, a witness saw a driver and passenger fighting with one another in a southbound SUV on a recent Sunday afternoon. After the passenger grabbed hold of the steering wheel, the out-of-control SUV headed into oncoming traffic.

Reportedly, the SUV hit the median and went airborne. It then smashed into the side of a car before striking a van. The man who allegedly fought for control the SUV fled the scene while first responders took the SUV driver and two occupants of the van to a hospital. The driver of the car that was T-boned died at the crash scene.

According to police, a first-degree murder charge was filed. Even though this man turned himself in to the authorities, he will still face serious criminal charges. Having an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney in his corner from the start will indeed be beneficial. A lawyer can fight to ensure the man’s legal rights are protected while working on a defense strategy that aims to achieve the best possible outcome.