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March 2018 Archives

Motorcycle accidents: Fatal crash kills rider, injures passenger

Traveling on Colorado roads can be hazardous. Any crash can have devastating consequences, but chances of catastrophic or fatal injuries are higher in car vs. motorcycle accidents. While occupants of passenger cars have seat belts, airbags and the body of the car as protection, motorcyclists have no protection against the impact of a collision.

Self-driving vehicle kills pedestrian in Arizona

Sadly, it finally happened. A self-driving vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian in mid-March in Arizona. We can only speculate about what’s going to happen: Technology’s image is expected to take a big public relations hit, while state and federal lawmakers likely will take a much more seriously look at additional regulations pertaining to self-driving vehicles.

Drug charges filed against suspected marijuana smugglers

The drug task force of Weld County has been investigating a ring of marijuana smugglers for some time and reported more arrests. Some of those arrested already got court dates for drug charges, while others are waiting to be charged. Colorado authorities say the latest four arrests took place on a recent Wednesday evening.

What to do if you witness an accident

Watching a car accident unfold before your very eyes is enough to shake anyone up. Even just coming across an accident soon after it happened can be terrifying. In the adrenaline-fueled shock of the moment, it's easy to panic, which is why everyone should consider what they would do in this situation before it happens.

Precautions can prevent auto-pedestrian accidents

Pedestrians in Denver or other Colorado cities will always be vulnerable to motor vehicle accidents. The risks of being involved in auto\-pedestrian accidents are significant, and with no protection, pedestrians often suffer catastrophic injuries. While they have no control over the actions of vehicle operators, pedestrians can take some precautions to limit potential injury risks.

Upward trend in Colorado traffic deaths continues in 2017

In the ambitious quest to end traffic fatalities, Colorado has seen numerous setbacks, with 2016 as a remarkably bad year for road deaths. It turns out that 2017 was even worse. We closed out the year with 642 road deaths - a 5.5 percent increase from 2016, and the highest number of traffic deaths in over a decade.

Child bicycle seat or trailer: Which is safer?

With the spring season in full swing, it is time to get the bikes out of storage and enjoy the beautiful weather by taking bike rides with the family. While getting your child outdoors after being cooped up for the winter months is a priority, maintaining their safety is first and foremost. When enjoying a bike ride with your toddler or small child, you may find yourself wondering which bike riding device will keep them the safest for your journey a mounted bicycle child seat or a bicycle trailer?

Drug charges: Mother allegedly tried to get drugs to son in jail

Anybody who faces criminal charges in Colorado will likely be exploring their defense options. Any drug charges are typically regarded as serious, and prosecutors are usually determined to get convictions. A mother in Denver is facing multiple charges after her recent arrest.

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