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Motorcycle accidents: Riders are not always at fault

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents

While motorcycling is exciting, riders do not always recognize that life-threatening danger comes with the excitement. However, many Colorado riders take precautions and do what they can to minimize the risks of motorcycle accidents. Regardless of the steps they take, accidents will continue to occur because other road users may neglect to take similar precautions.

Although motorcyclists are sometimes blamed for crashes, any victim of such an accident has legal recourse. If the accident resulted from another party’s negligence, the injured party might pursue financial relief to cover doctor bills and hospital costs, lost income, and other monetary and emotional damages. The same will apply to the surviving family members if the motorcyclist should suffer fatal injuries.

Different types of negligence by other drivers can cause motorcycle accidents, including driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and distracted driving. Moving violations, such as failing to signal, tailgating, unexpected lane changing, or driving a vehicle with worn tires or damaged lights, can also cause accidents. The negligent driver may even be driving without a driver’s license or expired registration.

Even if drivers seemingly commit none of the above, they may demonstrate fault after motorcycle accidents by the way they react, such as fleeing the crash scene. Victims or their surviving family members can consult with an experienced Colorado attorney who can explain the steps to take when filing a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit in a civil court. A lawyer can assist with establishing negligence to enable the court to determine liability before adjudicating documented claims for financial and emotional damages sustained.

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