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Criminal law: Colorado juveniles arrested for serious crimes

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2018 | Criminal Law

Arrests of Colorado youths are naturally frightening experiences — often for the children and their parents. They may be unsure about the procedures that will follow, and the consequences of convictions. Although Colorado criminal law focuses more on rehabilitation than punishment when it comes to children, serious crimes can cause long-term consequences to the futures of convicted juveniles.

Authorities in El Paso County recently reported the arrests of four teenagers — two boys and two girls — after allegedly engaging in a crime spree that involved burglaries, car thefts, kidnapping and even attempted murder. Criminal law does not allow the disclosure of the names of the juveniles, and in this case, authorities also withheld the details of the alleged crimes that led to the arrests. However, they did mention that another youth is being sought, warning the public that he was armed and dangerous.

According to arrest reports, two stolen vehicles were recovered, and it mentioned that a crash led to the arrest of two suspects. Mention was also made of a reported shooting that might have led to the attempted murder charge. A spokesperson for the Colorado Springs Police said a 15-year-old female was forced into a vehicle by the two male suspects at a high school. However, police found her later and returned her to her family.

The anxiety experienced by parents and accused juveniles typically comes from the lack of knowledge about the Colorado juvenile justice system. Others in similar situations might realize the seriousness of the charges and seek the assistance of a criminal law attorney. A lawyer with experience in dealing with juvenile crimes can work on a defense strategy that will aim to have minimal impact on the child’s future.

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