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Drug charges follow license suspensions of marijuana facilities

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2017 | Drug Charges

Although recreational and medical marijuana use in Colorado has been legalized for several years, there are rules and regulations with which users and dealers must comply — even if they are licensed. Authorities and law enforcement keep a close watch on retailers and cultivators. Any indications of irregularities may lead to drug charges and license suspensions.

A spokesperson for the Denver Police Department revealed that the excise and license department of the city recently suspended 26 licenses of marijuana-related businesses. The reasons for these suspensions were not published except for the mention of alleged Colorado law violations. Reportedly, law enforcement executed search warrants before making the arrests. Employees reported that they were photographed and interviewed by police before notices were posted on the doors of the companies to inform customers of the closure due to license suspension.

It was mentioned that several locations of Sweet Leaf operations were closed. Further reports indicate that the enforcement included facilities dealing in the retail of both medical and recreational marijuana along with a dealer in medical marijuana-infused merchandise and some cultivation facilities. The spokesperson said that although the investigation is still ongoing, some arrest warrants have been executed and charges were filed.

Licensed marijuana dealers in Colorado may not fully understand their rights, and violations may lead to arrests. Any person who is arrested — or even under investigation — may be wise to seek the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney. A lawyer can study any drug charges that were filed and also scrutinize the evidence before devising a defense strategy that will aim to achieve the best possible outcome.

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