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Motorcycle accidents: Alleged hit-and-run Denver driver at large

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents

Colorado hit-and-run accidents are often difficult to investigate. Following car or motorcycle accidents that result in property damage, injuries or death, drivers must remain at the accident scene. Driving away can have serious repercussions for the driver, and it might prevent a seriously injured victim from receiving emergency medical treatment. It will also delay the accident investigation process and could leave the injured victims or surviving family members with many unanswered questions.

One such an accident occurred on a recent Saturday afternoon. Denver police say they are looking for the driver of a specific minivan. A witness reported seeing the minivan cutting off the motorcyclist. In his attempt to avoid the vehicle, the motorcyclist forcefully applied brakes, and momentum caused him to be ejected over the motorcycle’s handlebars.

Further reports indicate that the minivan driver pulled into the parking lot alongside the injured biker. He allegedly exited the van, looked at the victim and then reentered his vehicle and drove off. Authorities say the motorcyclist suffered serious injuries but remained conscious when paramedics rushed him to a hospital.

The victim of this accident is likely concerned about his ability to recover the mounting medical bills and lost income that resulted from this injuries. The most logical step for him might be to secure the services of a personal injury attorney who has experience in handling motorcycle accidents that involve hit-and-run drivers. If the driver is not located (though many hit-and-run drivers are apprehended), the attorney may help by dealing with the victim’s own motor vehicle and homeowner’s insurance companies to pursue claims for any available underinsured or uninsured coverages. However, if law enforcement catches up with the driver, the victim may file a personal injury lawsuit in a Colorado civil court to pursue recovery of damages.

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