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Drug charges: Coach resigns after K-9 search raises suspicion

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2017 | Drug Charges

When a person is suspected of criminal conduct in Colorado, being prepared for the possibility of an arrest and facing charges may help. If the individual has never been arrested before, it might help to learn what to expect. If drug charges may be involved — or any other criminal charges for that matter — what is said at that time could be detrimental.

A high school football coach is under suspicion of drug-related crimes after he reportedly removed a student’s car from the school premises just prior to a scheduled drug search by a K-9 unit on Aug. 24. Sheriff’s deputies say the coach told them he was taking the student’s car for a gas refill, but then he allegedly returned without the car. It was later located where it was parked in front of the teacher’s house.

Deputies also say the student who owned the vehicle said he gave the coach the keys to his car — after first telling them he had left his vehicle at home that day. When a K-9 unit was taken to sniff the car, it apparently indicated the possible presence of drugs in the car. After first permitting deputies to search the car, the student reportedly then changed his mind and would not allow the search. Although there were no charges to file at that time, the coach, who was also the assistant headmaster, resigned the following day.

Anyone in Colorado who is aware of allegations that may lead to drug charges may have many questions about his or her legal rights and more. The most logical step might be to be proactive and consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney who can answer the questions. The lawyer can also gather information and evidence that may be necessary if and when formal charges are actually filed.

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