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Hit and run accidents: Woman arrested after striking 11-year-old

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2017 | Hit And Run Accidents

A Medina Alert was issued on a recent Tuesday afternoon following an incident in which an 11-year-old boy suffered serious injuries. Medina Alert is a statewide program in Colorado that calls for public help after hit and run accidents to locate the responsible drivers. The response of an observant driver helped law enforcement to identify the owner of the suspected vehicle and to a woman’s arrest later that same evening.

Shortly before noon on that Tuesday, the boy was at a lemonade stand with friends when he was struck by a driver who then raced away from the scene. Along with serious injuries to his entire left side, the child also had a bleeding head wound. It was later determined that he had suffered a fractured skull. Witnesses described the car to police, and the alert went out that described the make, model and color of the car along with suspected damage to the passenger side mirror.

It did not take long for a motorist to call in a license plate number of a vehicle that matched the description from the alert. The address of the vehicle owner was obtained, but after finding no one home, officers spotted the car later that night. The female driver was stopped for allegedly driving without headlights, and the officer’s suspicion was confirmed. He reported noticing the damage consistent with that of the police accident report and the duct tape in an apparent attempt to repair the damage.

This 49-year-old woman will now be facing several criminal charges that typically follow hit and run accidents. She might also have to face a civil claim if the parents of the injured child decide to pursue financial recovery of damages. Victims of accidents in which injuries resulted from the negligence of other parties are entitled to file personal injury claims in a Colorado civil court.

Source: CBS Denver, “Suspect In Hit & Run That Left Boy With Skull Fracture Arrested“, July 26, 2017