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Auto-pedestrian accidents: Suspected DUI driver reports accident

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2017 | Auto-pedestrian Accidents

One man suffered serious injuries in a car accident recently, and another was arrested because officers suspected him of drunk driving. This followed an incident in the early morning hours of a recent Tuesday in which a driver struck a pedestrian. Auto-pedestrian accidents can be challenging for Colorado law enforcement to investigate, particularly if there were no witnesses.

According to the police department in Greeley, a call was received from a driver who reported striking a pedestrian. Upon arrival at the accident scene, officers found the caller’s vehicle with a broken windshield and front-end damage. Lying in the roadway was a 30-year-old pedestrian who had suffered serious injuries. He was transported by road to the North Colorado Medical Center from where he was later transferred to a hospital in Denver for surgery and further treatment.

Although the 21-year-old driver of the vehicle claimed the pedestrian was at fault, officers had reason to believe the driver was under the influence of alcohol. He was arrested and charged with suspicion of drunk driving along with vehicular assault. Reportedly, the traffic team of the Greeley Police Department continued the investigation, and no further details were reported.

Drivers involved in auto-pedestrian accidents sometimes leave the accident scene, making it more difficult for injured pedestrians to recover damages. However, in a case like this one, the driver was the one who reported the accident, claiming that the pedestrian was at fault for being in the roadway. If the injured pedestrian wants to pursue financial relief, it may be a good idea for the victim to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney before filing a lawsuit. A lawyer can evaluate and assess the evidence to determine whether there is a viable personal injury claim.

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