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Auto-pedestrian accidents: Preschoolers at risk

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2017 | Auto-pedestrian Accidents

With the new school year comes the dangers of car accidents involving Colorado children — often with devastating consequences. Auto-pedestrian accidents in school zones are much too prevalent; however, preschoolers are also extremely vulnerable. Most times they are not aware of the danger, and they move very quickly.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says many children suffer injuries or lose their lives when they unexpectedly dart onto roadways. The agency says statistics show that accidents that involve preschoolers most frequently happen close to home, on their neighborhood streets and often in their driveways. Records also show that the majority of these crashes occur when weather conditions are fair and warm.

Along with the basics about looking left and right and left again before crossing a street, using crosswalks and other safety rules, parents could teach small children to be aware of potential dangers. Showing them the reverse lights on a car when it backs up, and telling them the reason for a truck’s beeping sound when reverse-gear is engaged may just save their lives. Pointing out other people’s errors that put them in danger may also make an impact on the mind of a young child.

Parents in Colorado who have to deal with children that were injured in auto-pedestrian accidents may be unsure of their right to pursue claims for financial relief. A consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney can provide answers. A lawyer can assess the circumstances — and even launch an independent investigation — to determine the viability of a claim and negligence on the part of a driver. If the parents then choose to proceed with a lawsuit, the attorney can provide the necessary support and guidance.

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