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Multiple victims in nacho cheese botulism outbreak

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2017 | Injuries

When people purchase foods from gas stations, restaurants and other public venues in Colorado, they do so with the expectation that what they are going to consume is toxin-free. No one expects to end up in pain and suffering from food poisoning. People who end up with serious health complications after eating contaminated food can seek compensation for their pain, suffering, lost income and medical bills. The loved ones of victims who die from food poisoning complications can pursue compensation for funeral and burial costs and other expenses.

Food poisoning is more common than people think

A Walnut Grove teen remains in critical condition from what appears to be a severe case of food poisoning in California. After eating the nacho cheese at a local gas station, he was taken to the hospital on April 25th. Another person became unresponsive after eating the cheese sauce at the same gas station. The 37-year-old man later died from respiratory complications.

Another victim is currently in intensive care. According to her sister, the woman has a long recovery ahead of her. The 33-year-old young lady is currently unable to breathe, move or speak without assistance. She became seriously ill on April 21st after eating cheese sauce and nacho chips from the same gas station, according to a lawsuit she has filed against the sauce manufacturer, Gehl Foods and gas station owner.

Seven other people were also hospitalized after eating the cheese. There are currently no other confirmed cases of food poisoning related to this incident, but there may be other victims. According to the state’s health department, the offending toxin in the cheese sauce was botulism. The contaminant was found in an open cheese bag at the gas station.

Owners of food establishments are required to obey safety regulations

People who own food establishments are expected to exercise reasonable care and diligence when preparing and selling food to customers. Reasonable actions that help prevent food poisoning include cooking and storing foods at the right temperatures, proper cleaning and sanitation of hands, cooking tools and all food prep surfaces and cross-contamination prevention.

Foodborne illnesses are a common occurrence all over the country. Many people recover shortly after experiencing mild flu-like symptoms. However, some victims may experience severe reactions that ultimately lead to organ failure, paralysis and death.